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Fast Food Customer LoyaltyWe look to fast-food chains for a multitude of things. Whether it’s an easy and fast option to grab a bite to eat while on the road, a late-night dining opportunity, or drive through convenience, fast food chains can be called upon for many reasons. Now, we can look to many fast-food chains for inspiration of their innovative response to Loyalty Programs in a post COVID-19 era.

After being in the works for over a year, McDonalds has finally stepped into the Loyalty space by creating their own program dedicated to both customers and employees. The world’s largest fast-food corporation is joining the likes of Panera Bread, Chipotle, Starbucks and many more. This new rewards program has been hyped up by all avid McDonalds users. But why would it take McDonalds this long to implement a rewards program and what makes it so special?

Covid-19 dramatically increased the usage of third-party delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash, eliminating the one on one contact these fast food chains once held with their customers. The McDonalds Loyalty Program, MyMcDonalds, plans to combat this by prompting staff to use the customers first name when picking up their orders in store, provided to them by the loyalty app. In addition to this, users will earn points for every dollar spent on specific items, according to McDonalds. Not only will America’s favorite fast-food chain reward their consumers with their loyalty platform, but also engage their employees. Team members will earn rewards for watching training videos associated with the new loyalty program.

White Castle also created their loyalty platform in 2019, the first rewards program since its inception 99 years ago. Like McDonalds, White Castle has its own loyalty platform dedicated to their consumers that also provides them with key reporting based off the purchases made through the program. Starbucks’ loyalty app provides rewards points for purchases that can be used on any item the store has, including coffee to brew at home, drinkware and food from the bakery. Chipotle even created an event called “Chipotle Together”, specifically giving customers a chance to chat with celebrities as a reward for their earnings.

What do these programs all have in common? They are engaging to their audience and reward them on a personal level. They also these brands to collect valuable data, helping them to make savvy business decisions in the future. You don’t need to be the largest fast-food chain in the world to create and implement a successful Loyalty Program. The Incentive Group designs and manages white label Loyalty Programs that optimize incremental revenue and margin growth. Check us out at