Employee Engagement Programs

The Incentive Group specializes in Employee Engagement Programs with a reputation spanning over 30 years. Our turnkey programs include:

  • Strategic design
  • Ongoing management & administration and
  • Seamless fulfillment

These incentive programs can be used to independently engage employees, increase sales through an enticing reward system, and provide vital company insights.

Our Process

Our Principal Consultant works closely with you on your objectives and will provide the best practice design for your Employee Engagement Program. We utilize our agile, inGauge platform to emphasize our Recruit, Retain, and Reward strategy.

Employee data is obtained through the use of quizzes and surveys with Gallup questions which provide vital employee insight. The success of our Employee Engagement programs have proven to reduce turnover rates, increase productivity and drive new employee hires.

Measurable Results

The TIG team works diligently to ensure that your program provides real time employee insights to create an experience that produces company engagement and loyalty!

  • Proven addition to growth initiatives
  • Differentiation for new employee acquisition
  • Elevated retention rates, reducing employee turnover
  • Employee goal setting and measurement features
  • Referral from active participant to prospective participant
  • Personal Performance Statement
  • Quiz with point for correct answers, automatically graded
  • Survey with VOE insights
  • Rewards Catalog customer curated for your program from our endless collection
  • Smart Contact Us
  • Live Reward HQ 800# answered in Your Company name
  • Accelerator bonus offers and ongoing communication
  • Secure processing with 30 year track record

Employee Engagement Program Success Story

Food & Beverage
The Food & Beverage industry has been facing difficulties in recruitment of new employees along with retaining existing ones. One of the world’s largest Food & Beverage providers came to us in search of a Employee Engagement solution that could result in increased sales and productivity by independently engaging their employees.

TIG’s scalable inGauge platform has been leveraged by a global food and beverage provider by creating a branded program for their customers known as the Happiness Hub. This features a robust Referral Tool along with On-the-Spot Recognition. TIG also developed an employee engagement measurement system within the program using the survey tool. The Engagement Index was utilized by two full-service restaurant chains to measure the engagement levels of crew members at the start of their incentive program and a few months into it. In this program, the customer gained $13.33 in revenue and $4 of incremental profit for every $1 awarded to crew for incremental sales… a 300% ROI.