B2B eCommerce Loyalty Program

Build Brand Equity Through eCommerce Loyalty Programs

If a customer becomes loyal to your brand through an eCommerce loyalty program, they’re more likely to refer colleagues, make additional purchases, and share their data. According to Forrester, US B2B eCommerce Will Reach An Estimated $3 Trillion By 2027. An eCommerce rewards program through The Incentive Group will help your B2B brand stand out amongst competitors.

An Effective B2B eCommerce Loyalty Program Accelerates Results:

  1. Expedites Adoption of Online Ordering
  2. Inspires Cross Sell & Upsell
  3. Increases Site Visits
  4. Enlarges Transaction Value
  5. Elevates Repeat Purchase Behavior
  6. Drives Referrals
  7. Differentiates for New Customer Acquisition
  8. Promotes Product Reviews

inGauge Platform Fosters Digital Dialogue:

  1. Inbound Site Visits
  2. Email Blasts
  3. Text Messaging
  4. Urgency Calendar
  5. Quizzes
  6. Surveys
  7. Bonus Offers
  8. Ranking Report

Frequently Asked Questions About B2B eCommerce Loyalty Programs

How will an eCommerce loyalty program help my business?

An “Invisible Sales Force” is what clients have called their eCommerce Loyalty Program. It engages customers and builds a bi-directional, valued relationship with them. The program also can inspire steer customer purchases towards more profitable products increasing your AOV and blended margin.

What types of eCommerce rewards programs can I launch through The Incentive Group?

Each program is customized to match the unique requirements and objective of your eCommerce initiative. The flexible Participant Group structure allows for multiple customer segments, lines of business and job titles to flexibly be included for 1:1 Marketing.

When is the right time to launch an eCommerce loyalty program?

Whenever your objectives call for incremental revenue and margin growth, accelerated purchase frequency, churn mitigation (i.e. stickiness) or new customer acquisition.

How do I use my eCommerce rewards program to reduce relying on discounting?

By adding value. Your eCommerce Rewards Program will shift the buying behavior from checking every site for the best price, to seeing how they can consolidate their purchases with you to get them closer to their Drea Reward!

Do members of eCommerce loyalty programs spend more?

All the time. You will see increases in AOV and purchase frequency while elevating your gross margins. It’s also proven across B2B Marketing that the more a customer spends with you the more important you become as a supplier. Hence the longer they will loyally remain a customer.

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