B2B Customer Rebates

Our B2B Customer Rebate programs include strategic design, ongoing management & administration, turnkey fulfillment, marketing and communications. These rebate programs can be used independently to engage your channel or end user customers, or synergistically with a B2B loyalty program. We collaborate with our clients to determine the best means for delivery of the rebate whether it be reloadable prepaid card (both physical and digital available) or check. Optimizing the re-launch of a legacy rebate program utilizing our proven best practices provides smooth transition for customers while yielding great benefits for your business.

  • Strategic addition to B2B Marketing
  • Facilitate proven best practices in rebate design, administration, and fulfillment
  • Custom approach to fit your business needs
  • Segmented approach for tiered rebates based on customer value
  • Digitally marketed & executed
  • Measured progress towards earning
  • 1:1 communication
  • Elevate customer experience with efficiency and expediency
  • Secure processing

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