B2B Customer Referral Programs

Make your customer base your new sales channel with our best practice Referral Program. Utilize our white label Referral Platform as your newest marketing tool to accelerate Incremental Growth and generate superior ROI. Our turnkey programs include strategic design, ongoing management and seamless reward fulfillment. No heavy lifting for you.

  • B2B ReferralsBest in Class inGauge Referral Program Platform
  • Easy-to-use Referral page automatically sends email from existing customer to prospect
  • Synergistically rewards existing customers and newly acquired ones
  • Pay-for-Performance Model with payout only if and after desired purchases are made
  • Lowers your cost of new customer acquisition
  • Galvanizes relationship with existing customer, thereby mitigating churn
  • Use as an add-on in an existing Loyalty Program, or solely as a Referral Program