Distributor Loyalty Programs

We understand that the primary objectives of distributor loyalty programs are driving incremental sales and increasing margins. The Incentive Group has a proven track record in launching distributor incentive programs that deliver superior results. Allow us to put our distributor program knowledge and experience to work for your business. We’ll develop a distributor rewards program that accelerates growth, boosts customer acquisition and retention, and increases blended gross margin.

Distributor Loyalty Programs

A Rich History Managing Successful Distributor Loyalty Programs

The Incentive Group brings over 30 years of best practices to the strategic design of distributor incentive programs. Our team will work with you from the conception of your distributor loyalty program to its launch and ongoing maintenance.

Our CEO was a former CMO of a Computer Distributor, growing them from $200 Million to $1 Billion. The experience gained “From Your Side of The Desk” has led our team to launch and manage distributor loyalty programs for various clients, achieving superior incremental revenue and margin growth.

How Distributor Incentives Benefit Your Company

Incentivizing your customers has many advantages for the health of your organization. By successfully adopting a distributor incentive program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accelerated incremental revenue growth
  • Elevated gross margin % via private label and cross-sell
  • Acquisition of new customers with differentiation and referral
  • Enhanced customer engagement and increased mindshare
  • Optimized retention, mitigating churn
  • Pay for Performance Model yielding superior ROI
  • Education & VOC survey insights e.g., account share
  • Above and beyond supplier MDF funds
  • Bonus offers aligned with ongoing sales and marketing objectives
Distributor Programs
inGauge Distributor Incentives

InGauge Distributor Incentives Platform Features

We proudly offer inGauge, our best-in-class B2B Loyalty Management Platform. Features include:

  • Individual Performance Gauge
  • Dream Reward Goal Setting
  • Messaging & email blast activation
  • Urgency Calendar
  • Customized Reward Collection
  • Quiz/Survey – reward with points
  • Personal Performance Statement with query capability
  • Referral feature to get active sales reps to convert dormant ones
  • Bonus Point Offers for monthly promos
  • Online reports with metrics
  • Sales Force Integration
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Distributor Incentive Program Examples: A Case Study

As proven growth drivers, digital distributor loyalty programs differentiate your business, elevate retention rates and increase account share through an enticing reward system. Vital market insights will be obtained through our many distributor incentive program features. Our valuable innovations include our advanced claiming feature and SinBin (Serial # Bin). Our inGauge platform utilizes the SinBin to provide real-time validation of the participants’ claimed sales in addition to duplicate elimination. We also develop innovative funding models to allow suppliers to contribute to and participate in the program.

Study Proves Distributor Loyalty Programs Nearly Doubled the Rate of Growth

We conducted an A/B control group case study with a client who has been with us for 15 consecutive years. We created a test cell of SMB loyalty program customers. Here are the results:

  • Sales increased by 27% for distributor loyalty program customers vs. the control group, which had a more modest increase of 14%
  • 13% incremental revenue growth was attributable to the distributor incentive program
  • Added 1,988 new customers
  • Mix shifted to more profitable products

Customer Engagement and Mindshare Benefited Significantly

  • Email open rates increased from 14% to 67%
  • There were eight site visits per participant per month
  • Eyeballs on the page averaged 5.5 minutes per site visit

Reach Your Goals Through Distributor Loyalty Programs

Our distributor loyalty programs feature a fully customizable platform to fit your company’s wants and needs. We’re with you all the way, beginning with design and development, throughout the management and administration of your program and with turnkey reward fulfillment. Contact us today to start creating a distributor loyalty program for your business.

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Distributor Loyalty Programs FAQs

We’ve received some commonly asked questions about our distributor loyalty programs. Please contact us with any additional questions.

What Is Involved in the Design and Development of Your Distributor Programs?

At this stage, we create a business case model with superior ROI, customize a platform that matches your company’s look and feel, expertly develop an earnings offer and launch the campaign and program communications plan.

How Do You Maintain the Program's Management and Administration?

We offer proactive consultative services that measure success and drive activation of your distributor loyalty program. We effectively administer point postings and enrollment updates and provide you with user access to real-time reports so you can easily follow program progress. In addition, your organization will be provided with your branded Reward Headquarters with email and 800# service.

Do Your Services Include Distributor Rewards Fulfillment?

Yes, our high-value reward catalog features comprehensive distributor rewards fulfillment services that will delight the participants of your distributor incentive program.

Distributor Customer Loyalty Programs

We Offer More Than Just Distributor Loyalty Programs

At The Incentive Group, our professionals are focused on going above and beyond to identify your needs and deliver outstanding results. Our distributor incentive programs are one piece of a much larger puzzle. We can help you put all the pieces together with these B2B loyalty programs:


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