Channel Incentive Programs

Our Best-in-Class Channel Incentive Programs include strategic design, ongoing management & administration and turnkey fulfillment. These Channel programs engage your user Dealers, Agents, Retailers, Contractors and Distributors, to drive significant revenue lift.

An effective channel program will grow channel sales, increase channel productivity, earn channel mind-share and increase engagement. We collaborate with our clients to customize the site to match the look & feel of your brand.

We align closely with your Channel Partner program and our agile inGauge Loyalty platform will integrate seamlessly for timely data exchange.  It also stewards valuable channel customer data to your in house sales team to provide real time insights relative to their channel customers performance, education and preferences…even measures account share!

Why The Incentive Group

  • Proven addition to growth initiatives in Channel Marketing
  • Innovative best practices in incentive valuation, reward choice, administration and fulfillment
  • Digitally launched, marketed & executed
  • Turnkey Program Management
  • 1:1 communication
  • Secure processing with 30 year track record
  • Our CEO is former CMO Computer Channel company, growing it from $200M to $1B

See What Success Looks Like

7 Superior Results

  1. Incremental Sales and Gross Profit
  2. Cross sell of full bundle
  3. Shift Sales Mix to Higher Margin products
  4. Differentiate & Acquire new Channel participants
  5. Referral feature rewards Channel for bringing new participants to you
  6. Retention best practices that “build fences around your customers”
  7. Obtain VOC insights like Account Share