Loyalty Program Management & Administration

Every program is expertly led by a Principal Consultant and managed by an experienced Account Manager at TIG. Our objective is to eliminate any heavy lifting from clients so the full weight of the program administration is squarely on our team. TIG implements ongoing communications strategies and provides recommendations for program enhancements with utilization of program features such as Quiz, Survey, Referral and Accelerator Bonuses.

Every month, we’ll lead a team call with you to review Key Performance Indicators and provide recommendations for optimization. You’ll find that our consultative and collaborative approach is in full support of your objectives and you can trust that we will proactively recommend techniques to drive success throughout the course of the program.

  1. Point uploads
  2. Reporting
  3. Analytics
  4. Monthly scorecards, optimization meetings
  5. Reward HQ – phone and email support
  6. Email blasts
  7. Triggered emails “You’ve Got Points”
  8. Text Messaging
  9. Quiz and Survey
  10. Accelerator Bonus offers
  11. 1099 issuance