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Recruit, Refer, Retain, Reward: The Solution to Employee Engagement

The value employees bring to organizations has been highlighted since the Covid-19 pandemic where the number of employees leaving their jobs skyrocketed. In a time period where it seems people are less inclined to work and businesses are struggling to stay open due to the lack of employees willing to work, how do we manage to find new employees and incentivize our current ones?

Well, the short answer to managing employee engagement is recruit, refer, retain and reward. This is the strategic combination of implementing both an employee engagement program and an incentive program. Employee engagement results in better customer experiences which ultimately leads to the most valued end result, customer loyalty.

Recruit & Refer New Employees

The underpinning of a successful business is in the employee recruitment process – how do we find the best suited candidates for the job? Our inGauge platform systematically provides differentiation for new employee acquisition. Another unique feature of inGauge is our employee referral program. Who better to help find someone best suited for the job than an active employee? The successful implementation of this program results in elevated retention rates and a reduction in employee turnover.

Retain Employees With Effective Employee Engagement

Now that the inGauge system has helped you recruit qualified employees, how will it help you keep them? One of the most crucial things that keep employees happy and productive is effective communication. A statistic from WorkPlace finds that an overwhelming 86% of employees and executives say that lack of collaboration and communication are the main causes of workplace failures. How do we avoid such catastrophes? By finding solutions for employee engagement like clear goal setting and proper measurement of results.

Verbal communication and platform communication must work hand in hand. inGauge provides a platform for goal setting and measurement as well as a personal performance statement for participants. Together these features create an open dialog between participants as well as provide feedback for management from employees.

Managing Employee Engagement With Rewards

The most fun aspect of an employee incentive program is the rewards. Beyond a paycheck employees want to feel appreciated and be further incentivized to meet objectives. This gives them the opportunity to work towards a goal with the end reward in sight. You can manage employee engagement by using our inGauge platform, where participants earn points so they can see how much closer they are to earning their dream reward.

We supply a reward catalog custom tailored to each company’s specific wants making sure there is something for everyone. There is also the opportunity to have accelerator bonus offers that even further entice participants to go the extra mile. Rewards are a great way to entice and inspire new employees as well as reward current employees for reaching goals.

Along with rewards, inGauge offers help for participants with questions.There is a Smart email on board along with a Live Reward HQ 800# in order to provide ongoing communication.

How To Get Employees Engaged: Communicate, Educate & Motivate With inGauge

Helping your team further educate themselves is a critical component in how to get employees engaged. On the inGauge platform you’re able to post narratives, have the employee read or watch them and take a brief Quiz afterwards to demonstrate competency. These Quizzes are dynamically graded with points instantly awarded for correct answers. There’s also a Survey feature which can provide you with Employee Insights and Bright Ideas. We’ve even customized the Survey with Gallup questions to provide clients with a unique Employee Engagement Index. This can be rolled up by team, geographic location or business unit and serves as an impressive metric indicating just how engaged your workforce is!

Employee engagement is vital to their ongoing satisfaction and to your company’s success. Recruit, refer, retain and reward is a strategy with a 30-year track record of success. The Incentive Group’s inGauge platform provides a totally customizable program where you can recruit new employees, have them refer others in their network, actively retain them, effectively communicate, educate, motivate and reward them with a variety of compelling reward options. The seamless integration creates highly engaged employees, drives sales and productivity, elevating your company above the competition!

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Employee Engagement Testimonial

“The Incentive Group was able to consultatively build a turnkey program for us entitled BE Engaged. Dynamic earnings offers were developed to not only engage our crew but drive incremental sales and margin. Every team member…server, hostess, kitchen and management. .. had specific goals to achieve by job category that encouraged suggestive selling, efficiency and guest satisfaction.”

Harvey Brownlee, President

Bob Evans