Frequently Asked Questions


What is B2B loyalty?

Business-to-Business (B2B) used to reward these businesses for their aligned efforts relative to increasing purchase activity, buying the full line of products, referring other customers and remaining a customer longer.

How do B2B loyalty programs work?

B2B Loyalty Programs work by providing a digital platform and ongoing communications that engage businesses, increasing sales through an enticing reward system, and providing vital market insights, e.g. Account Share. The success of B2B Loyalty Programs has proven to increase customer acquisition, growth, retention, and referral.

What is a channel incentive program?

Channel incentive Programs are business marketing initiatives that aim to drive and align partner behavior. These programs can be used independently to engage your user Dealers, Agents, Retailers, Contractors and Distributors, to drive significant revenue lift. An effective channel program will grow channel sales, increase channel productivity, earn channel mind-share and increase engagement from channel sales reps.

What are employee engagement programs?

Employee Engagement Programs are incentive programs that are used to independently engage employees, elevate their performance, align their efforts, enhance customer experience and increase sales through an enticing reward system, while providing vital company insights.

What is the importance of an employee engagement program?

Employee engagement programs are utilized so employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization and put discretionary effort into their work. Employee engagement drives performance. The success of our Employee Engagement programs have proven to reduce turnover rates, increase productivity and drive new employee hires.

What is a SPIFF Program?

A SPIFF program is the practice of paying a cash bonus to a salesperson, most often delivered on a client branded, reloadable VISA debit card. It encourages the salesperson to lead with one product over another non-SPIFF’d product. An effective SPIFF Program can exceed sales goals, gain brand recognition and increase engagement from sales reps. It also provides a cost-effective way to deliver other payments (rebates, commissions, etc.) through a secure, timely payment vehicle with visibility and measurement through our program platform.

How to create a SPIFF Program?

Our program services are turnkey with a Principal Consultant working closely with you on your marketing objectives. We will develop a best practice design and business case model for your program. This is supported by our best-in-class inGauge platform and delightful reward fulfillment.

Why are customer loyalty programs important?

Customer loyalty programs are important because they are proven to increase customer acquisition, growth, retention, and referral. These programs can be used to more deeply and pervasively engage your end customers, dealers and distributors to drive a significant increase in revenue.

Are customer loyalty programs worth it?

Yes, customer loyalty programs are worth it. They are a highly effective tool for retaining customers and also attracting new customers. They are cost effective and proven to boost growth and increase sales. The main advantage of a loyalty program is to grow & retain your customers by rewarding them at many touch points, which in turn will increase the profitability of the business. Ours follow the pay-for-performance model and therefore are highly attractive investments, with payout only if and after the desired results occur.

How do customer loyalty programs work?

The program is expertly design utilizing best practices to engage the target audiences. Through relevant and timely ongoing communications, a digital dialogue is fostered with your customers. They typically set their goal on a purchase target or Dream Reward and then put forth incremental aligned effort to achieve it. Successful programs are designed to motivate customers to Request the Brand product being featured, make frequent purchases and shun competitors.

How to improve customer loyalty programs?

A few ways to improve customer loyalty programs are to offer new customers an incentive at enrollment as a reward for joining up, offer accelerator and bonus offers to keep the program exciting and top of mind, custom curate your reward offerings to appeal to your participants and use mobile Loyalty App to your advantage while communicating with your customers.

How do incentive programs encourage employees?

Employee incentive programs are designed to encourage employees by rewarding and recognizing exceptional employees, or “catching them doing something right”. Employees feel valued and motivated which leads to productivity and commitment to the company.

How to evaluate incentive programs?

You can evaluate your incentive program by modeling the business case and the ROI of the program from the start, which will allow you to focus on desired results. You can also set up key metrics as leading indicators of engagement. Then review the program performance monthly with your Principal Consultant, conduct GAP analysis and obtain cogent recommendations for ongoing optimization.

How to implement incentive programs for safety and productivity?

Incentive programs can be used to enhance safety and productivity by encouraging workers to report injuries, illnesses, near misses or hazards and participate in bright idea suggestions. They can also encourage worker involvement in the company’s safety and health management, by offering rewards and/or recognition for continued safe behavior.