Increase Revenue With SPIFF Program Management

SPIFF programs engage your dealers and distributors to drive a significant increase in revenue. Exceed sales goals, gain brand recognition, increase engagement from independent sales reps and edge out competitors using our inGauge platform with proven SPIFF software!

The Incentive Group

SPIFF Sales Incentives Made Easy

With over 30 years of experience, our Principal Consultant will provide the knowledge needed to help develop, design and implement a best practice SPIFF incentive program that is tailored to your requirements. You’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager who will be responsible for managing design and development of your SPIFF program. Once your program launches, we’ll conduct a monthly call to review KPI’s and provide recommendations to drive the success of your sales SPIFF.

SPIFF Programs Bring Measurable Results

Our SPIFF programs optimize the traditional offering of cash reward incentives through reloadable VISA debit cards. Benefits of this automated form of SPIFF sales incentive include:

  • Brand awareness with share of wallet
  • A card that can be used to make purchases
  • Cash withdrawals easily made from an ATM
  • Funds that are loaded immediately
  • Enhanced security
  • Automated fund transfer vs. check
  • A program that’s digitally launched, marketed and executed with multiple touchpoints
  • Secure processing with a 30-year track record
  • A personal account for each participant to provide you with ongoing communication opportunities
  • Quiz and survey features
  • Referral from active participant to the prospective participant

While a sales SPIFF is often associated with the reloadable debit cards we provide, clients sometimes prefer brand name merchandise and travel rewards for their aspirational (i.e., goal setting) and trophy value. That’s why we also offer a wide range of reward options for you to choose from.

The Incentive Group

SPIFF Program Success In The Automotive Industry

Arguably one of the most innovative industries in the world, the Automotive segment is constantly evolving and changing to reach new heights. Use of a SPIFF program in this industry is very effective because it can be deployed to engage your dealers and distributors and their sales reps to drive a significant increase in revenue. An effective Spiff program can exceed sales goals, gain brand recognition, increase engagement from independent sales reps and edge out competitors.

In just a month we helped one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers launch a brand new financial product. TIG’s inGauge platform is used for dealerships to enroll their sales reps and allocate incentives to them for their performance. This feature was customized to meet the specific needs of this program and enabled fulfillment of rewards directed at the Dealer Principal level. We also built a Brand Dialogue with the F&I Managers by gaining access to them and deeply engaging them in the program. F&I Managers received roughly 80% of the program payout… forging the desired Brand Alliance, with the other 20% effectively engaging Dealer Principals.

Implement A Successful SPIFF Program With The Incentive Group

The Incentive Group closely aligns your SPIFF program with your sales, marketing and financial objectives. We integrate seamlessly with our proprietary inGauge loyalty platform for timely data exchange. This best-in-class, white-label loyalty management platform incorporates proven SPIFF software features and innovations to optimize your loyalty program’s performance. The platform also stewards valuable sales data to provide real-time insight relative to dealership sales and sales rep performance.


Frequently Asked Questions About SPIFF Incentive Programs

Here are some of the common FAQs about SPIFF programs. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.

What Is a SPIFF in Sales?

A Sales Performance Incentive Fund (SPIFF) is a short-term, incentive-based program that’s designed to motivate sales representatives to increase revenue. Sales representatives may be given bonuses for closing a sale or booking a demo. Unlike traditional sales incentives, a sales SPIFF usually has a cash value delivered to the Channel sales reps through reloadable debit cards.

Who Uses SPIFF Sales Incentives?

SPIFF programs are used by various manufacturers and distributors in every industry where there is Directed Sale, to effectively incentivize sales staff and drive incremental revenue and margin. These results driven programs are also sometimes used by retailers and etailers to acquire and keep valued clientele.

What Is a SPIFF Program From The Incentive Group Like?

We have over 30 years of experience creating incentive programs. Our best-in-class Spiff programs include:

  • Best practice program design strategies
  • Best in class inGauge Platform
  • Dynamic data capture with innovative Claim Form and interactive Validation Bin
  • Ongoing management and administration
  • Delightful Reward Headquarters Customer Service
  • Turnkey fulfillment
The Incentive Group

Rely on TIG for the Most Effective SPIFF Program Management

The Incentive Group provides you with the tools needed to inspire your Channel sales team and boost sales. We partner with you to ensure that our SPIFF program management offers the maximum benefit for your business. Over the past 30 years, we’ve experienced many success stories. Find out how you can become one of them – let’s talk about what our SPIFF programs can do for your business.