inGauge Loyalty Management Software

Discover the power of inGauge, our premier white-label loyalty management software. Affectionately named for its engaging features and the intuitive Personal Achievement Gauge, inGauge is the ultimate companion customer loyalty management, allowing you to achieve and exceed your business goals.

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Benefits of Our Loyalty Management Platform

Unlock exclusive advantages by choosing inGauge, a leading B2B CRM software. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to craft a tailored white-label rewards program that aligns with your sales and marketing objectives. Are you currently using Salesforce? Enjoy a seamless Salesforce CRM integration with inGauge.

Features of our loyalty management platform include:

Survey Feature

Survey Feature with Voice of Customer and Account Share:
Gain actionable insights with our survey feature, capturing the voice of the customer and enhancing account share strategies.

Rewards Catalog

Custom Curated Rewards Catalog:
Improve the rewards experience with a meticulously curated catalog, ensuring participants receive rewards that resonate.

Account Statement

Detailed Account Statement:
Promote transparency with detailed account statements, keeping participants informed and engaged.

Contact Us

Contact Us with Smart Email Reward HQ and 800#:
Seamlessly connect with your audience through smart email communications and a dedicated 800# for swift and efficient support.


Quiz with Educational Narrative & Dynamic Grading/Point Award:
Make learning enjoyable with educational quizzes, dynamically graded for an interactive and rewarding experience.

Referral Feature

Referral Feature Makes Customer Base a New Sales Channel:
Transform your loyal customer base into advocates and a powerful sales channel with our innovative referral feature.

Segment Specific

Segment-Specific Communications and Earnings:
Tailor your approach with segment-specific strategies for maximum impact on communications and earnings.

Key Metrics

Reports Suite on Key Metrics:
Empower your decision-making with a comprehensive reports suite, providing insights into key metrics for ongoing loyalty program optimization.

inGauge Salesforce CRM Integration

Supercharge your customer loyalty management with real-time points posting from your Salesforce CRM to our inGauge Loyalty Management Platform. Explore the seamless integration of Salesforce loyalty management APIs into your loyalty program—contact us today to take your loyalty initiatives to new heights.

Loyalty Program Management Platform

Proven Loyalty Program Management

As a premier white-label loyalty program management agency, The Incentive Group boasts over three decades of expertise. We’re consistently surpassing client expectations in optimizing incremental revenue growth and increasing ROI. How do we achieve this remarkable success? Our teams of seasoned consultants and dedicated account managers leverage proven strategies within the inGauge B2B CRM software for your program, including:

  • Segmented Participant Groups for Optimal Results: Employing a nuanced approach, we segment participant groups to optimize results for each tier or position, ensuring tailored strategies for maximum impact.
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies: Our comprehensive strategies not only attract new customers but also focus on retaining existing ones, fostering a loyal and engaged customer base.
  • Effective Communication of Loyalty Program Benefits: Utilizing clear and compelling communication methods, we ensure that the benefits of your loyalty program are effectively conveyed, enhancing participant engagement.
  • Proactive Monitoring, Analysis, and Recommendations: Our proactive approach involves constant monitoring and analysis of program performance, allowing us to recommend timely improvements for sustained success.
  • Seamless Reward Fulfillment: Ensuring a seamless experience, our approach to reward fulfillment is designed to delight participants, reinforcing the value of their loyalty.
White Label Loyalty Program
White Label Rewards Program

The Team Behind Your Loyalty Program Management

Collaborate with your dedicated Principal Consultant, Account Manager, and the skilled Design & Development team to craft and implement a customized rewards program utilizing proven best practices. Entrust us with the administration of your tailored program on the inGauge loyalty management platform. We provide monthly KPIs and offer recommendations to ensure the success of your program. Our approach to rewards fulfillment is personalized, fostering mutually beneficial incentives delivered seamlessly with concierge-level service.

Our Suite of White-Label Loyalty Programs

Meet your business objectives with The Incentive Group’s prowess in tailoring a diverse range of white-label loyalty program types. Through our consultative process, we guarantee the best approach to align with your goals. Explore a snapshot of our loyalty programs:

  • SPIFF Programs: Surpass sales goals, elevate brand recognition, and deeply engage sales reps with SPIFF Incentives.
  • Channel Incentive Programs: Reward Dealers, Agents, Retailers, Resellers, Contractors, and Distributors to boost account share, sales, and incremental revenue.
  • B2B Loyalty Programs: Incentivize enduring client relationships across various industries with our B2B Customer Loyalty program.
  • Reward Fulfillment: Tailored Turnkey B2B and B2C Reward Fulfillment programs aligned precisely with your goals.
  • Contractor Loyalty Programs: Cultivate direct relationships with your Contractor Customers, increasing mind and market share through our Contractor Loyalty Program.
  • Distributor Loyalty Programs: Lead with your brand utilizing our best practice distributor loyalty program, designed by a former $1B Distributor CMO.

FAQ About inGauge Loyalty Management Software

Which industries can The Incentive Group serve with inGauge loyalty management software?

The Incentive Group specializes in serving a diverse range of industries. From SPIFF Incentives for sales performance to B2B Loyalty programs fostering enduring client relationships, our expertise extends across sectors such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, automotive, construction, home products and more. Our tailored programs cater to the unique needs of each industry, driving incremental revenue growth and boosting ROI.

What makes the inGauge loyalty management platform stand out?

inGauge is a comprehensive white-label loyalty management platform that offers a personalized approach to program creation and implementation. With features like segmented participant groups, effective communication strategies, and easy reward fulfillment, inGauge is designed to enhance customer experience, retention, and loyalty.

How does inGauge Loyalty Management Software adapt to different industries during implementation?

inGauge’s implementation process is flexible and tailored to the specific requirements of each industry. The collaborative efforts of our Principal Consultants, Account Managers, and Design & Development team ensure a consultative approach. Whether it’s the retail sector, distribution networks, B2B relationships, automotive, construction, or home products, inGauge adapts seamlessly, utilizing proven strategies to optimize loyalty programs for each industry’s unique goals.

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For over 30 years, we have developed a proven track record of delivering results and exceeding our client’s expectations. With our white-label loyalty management platform, inGauge, you can improve customer experience, retention, and loyalty.

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