inGauge Loyalty Management Platform

Our best-in-class white label loyalty management platform is affectionately called inGauge. We’ve incorporated proven features of our prior platform and integrated new innovations to optimize program performance for loyalty management.

Benefits Of Our White Label Rewards Platform

Choosing inGauge has benefits you can’t get from any other white label rewards platform. Our team will work with you to create a customized platform based on your sales and marketing goals. Features of our loyalty platform include:

inGauge is rated the #1 white label rewards program
Survey feature with
voice of customer
and account share
Custom curated
Contact Us with
Smart Email Reward
HQ and 800#
Quiz with educational
narrative & dynamic grading/point award
Referral feature
makes customer base
new sales channel
Segment specific communications
and earnings

on key metrics

inGauge integrates with Salesforce

Optimize your Customer’s Experience with real time posting of their points in our inGauge Loyalty Management Platform, from your Salesforce CRM. Contact us today to learn how we seamlessly integrate Salesforce API’s in your Loyalty Program!

Salesforce Integrates With inGauge's White Label Loyalty Program

Partner With The Incentive Group

For over 30 years, we have developed a proven track record of delivering results and exceeding our client’s expectations. With our white label loyalty rewards platform, inGauge, you can improve customer experience, retention, and loyalty.