Exceed Your Goals With A Contractor Loyalty Program

With over three decades of Construction Industry proven incentive program results, The Incentive Group (TIG) is uniquely positioned to design, manage and fulfill a Contractor loyalty program that increases top-line revenue, activates new customers and gathers better data by creating additional value for Contractors.

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Contractor Loyalty Program

Benefits of A Branded Contractor Loyalty Program

Contractors consistently purchase a wide variety of materials and supplies they need on the job. Promote your brand as a trustworthy supplier while rewarding repeat customers with a branded contractor loyalty program. Why choose a branded contractor rewards program? Among its benefits, a contractor loyalty program will:

  • Drive incremental sales increases
  • Enhance customer engagement and increase mindshare
  • Elevate gross margin %
  • Yield superior ROI via pay for performance model
  • Capture Contractor purchases directly from them with real-time claiming
  • Automatically validate Contractor claims
  • Obtain sales files directly from Distributors
  • Integrate with LMS
  • Learn and earn promotions as Contractors will use products they know
  • Obtain account share info
  • Gain new customer referrals from existing contractors
  • Yield incremental revenue from previously dormant customers through activation campaigns

Developing a Contractor Loyalty Program With TIG

Our best-in-class white label contractor loyalty platform, inGauge, is unlike any other. We’ve combined features proven to deliver results with the latest in incentive marketing to create a loyalty management platform that will optimize your results! TIG designs, develops and administers contractor loyalty programs with these unique features:

  • Dream rewards goal setting
  • Messaging & email blast activation
  • Urgency calendar
  • Customizable rewards collection
  • Quiz/survey with educational narrative & dynamic grading/point award
  • Survey tool that provides insight into customer experience and account share
  • Personal performance statement with query capability
  • Bonus point offers for seasonal promos
  • Online reports
Contractor Incentive Program

A Contractor Loyalty Program Success Story

At a national retailer, residential and commercial construction Contractors (Pros) earn points for all purchases and bonus points for incremental purchases above a monthly threshold. With TIG’s Contractor loyalty platform, repeat purchases increased by 67%, and average dollar purchases increased by 82%. inGauge’s Survey feature provided data insights that assessed and improved account share and informed future marketing efforts.

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As channel partners working directly with end consumers, engaging contractors is vital to your business’s success. Launch a branded contractor loyalty program with the experts at TIG to differentiate your brand, increase mindshare in your contractor network and drive growth in incremental revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Contractor Loyalty Programs

We’ve answered a few common questions about Contractor loyalty programs below. Please get in touch with us for more information.

How Does a Branded Contractor Loyalty Program Help My Business?

Manufacturers and suppliers need to maintain mutually beneficial business relationships with contractors to thrive. For example, a meaningful contractor loyalty program can get you access to their customer data. A well-structured, customized contractor loyalty program can help OEMs, Distributors and Dealers build brand loyalty to increase sales, gain insight into sales activity and more.

What Is the Process of Designing a Contractor Loyalty Program?

TIG performs all the heavy lifting when crafting your branded contractor rewards program, providing you with materials to approve. No additional staff time is required on your side.

How Can I Get the Purchase Data by Contractor?

We have several methods, from automated claiming through the Distributors to claim forms on our site. All make it easy for Contractors to participate.

How Long Does it Take to Design & Launch a Contractor Loyalty Program?

In 4-6 weeks, we can go from an initial call to having your branded contractor loyalty program and site live and in market. Contact The Incentive Group to schedule an inGauge demo today.

How Much Do I Need to Award Each Contractor to Effectively Motivate Them?

This is a consultative question that we have 30 years of experience in answering. We strategically size the payout to optimize your ROI without over or under spending. Request a demo to learn more about contractor loyalty programs through The Incentive Group.

How Much Does a Contractor Loyalty Program Cost?

Unlike other fixed-cost forms of demand generation, there are small fixed costs based on the number of participants in your Contractor loyalty program. The majority of the payout in rewards occurs only when results are achieved.

Loyalty Program

Meet the Team Behind Your Successful Contractor Loyalty Program

Creating and delivering an effective contractor loyalty program takes a highly skilled team working together to achieve your marketing objectives. At TIG, these are the players who make contractor loyalty programs happen:

  • Principal Consultant. Leads program development and provides evidence-based guidance for Contractor loyalty program best practices.
  • Business Development. Finds opportunities for incremental growth.
  • Account Manager. Keeps program development on track.
  • Reward Fulfillment. Supports the entire rewards process with curated rewards, direct shipping and delightful customer service.
  • IT Specialists. Maintain and develop the platform.

Ready to launch your contractor rewards program? Contact The Incentive Group today.

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