Program Types

TIG offers a robust selection of program types, customizable to meet specific objectives. Each client we serve presents unique requirements, characteristics, goals, and challenges. With that in mind, every program or promotion we do is just as unique! There is a helpful, proactive culture at The Incentive Group as we are a full service partner, ready to lead you to success!

While we specialize in B2B customer loyalty programs, we also provide employee engagement, sales and channel incentives as well as consumer loyalty programs. During consultation, we listen closely to your goals to fine tune the approach that will best suit your needs. All program types are available in control group test format with A/B design, to demonstrate attribution and the superior results to be expected. Our approach is immensely scalable… from mid-size regional programs to national and global campaigns, TIG provides Turnkey services in the design, launch and management of each program.

  1. B2B Customer Loyalty
  2. Channel Incentive
  3. MDF – Market Development Funds
  4. Referral
  5. Sales Contests
  6. Trade Sweepstakes
  7. Call Center
  8. E-Commerce Initiatives
  9. Reloadable Debit Cards
  10. Corporate Gifts
  1. Travel Incentives
  2. Rebate
  3. Spiff
  4. Certification Compliance
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Employee Recognition
  7. Safety and Wellness Programs
  8. Years of Service
  9. Consumer Loyalty
  10. Gift With Purchase

Contact us today for a complementary Business Case Model providing analysis of the program’s financial gains and articulation of your superior ROI.