Our Clients

Program Dashboard

Best-in-Class Dashboard as named by Coca-Cola, Kodak, NEC and others.  

Each participant receives their own personal Loyalty Dashboard account, complete with an on screen gauge showing their attainment and bar graph readout of cummulative point earnings. A robust dialogue is built with your program participants through both inbound and outbound communications. Clients strategically refer to our Loyalty Dashboard as their “Virtual Sales Force”.

Proven Results

In demonstrating how we have improved performance significantly in our clients businesses, the 3 unique benefits they cite are:

Superior ROI because of the incremental revenue and gross profit we generate Pay for Performance reward payouts are incurred only after desired results occur Measurabilitydetailed reports provide real time insights


The dashboard platform’s flexible features and ability to motivate, measure, educate and consistently communicate performance is unmatched across the tools that I have seen in the marketplace… The Incentive Group comes with my full endorsement as a high integrity, value added supplier that understands our company, the marketplace, our customers and most importantly, how to drive results through incentive creation and management.”

VP Sales

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