The Incentive Group Advantage has 3 legs to the stool, each of which provides unique strength to the incentive program it supports.

reward program

Best Practice Design

The Incentive Group’s superior strategies have been developed and enhanced over 20 years of experience with leading brands. These Best Practices will garner greater incremental results within your incentive program. Since our CEO was formerly a computer industry CMO, he’s been on your side of the desk. We can service your motivational needs based on any size and scope of incentive program. Whether you have a sales team of 25 or a customer market of 250,000, The Incentive Group will develop the winning incentive program for you.

Best-In-Class Dashboard

The Incentive Group’s Customer Loyalty Dashboard has been named Best-In-Class by top clients like Coca Cola, Kodak and NEC due to its unique features and the superior results it produces. Engaging web platform that participants use to set personal goals and monitor progress. Innovative features that capitalize on The Incentive Group’s best practices.

Turnkey Reward Program Fulfillment

Custom rewards catalog tailored to the needs and desires of your participants. Turnkey fulfillment services that delight your participants. Self-liquidating as cost is paid out only “if and after” the desired sales results have taken place.

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