B2B Customer Loyalty

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The Incentive Group specializes in B2B Customer Loyalty Programs with a reputation spanning 30 years.  Our turnkey programs include strategic design, ongoing management & administration and seamless fulfillment.

These loyalty programs can be used to independently engage businesses, increase sales through an enticing reward system, and provide vital market insights, e.g. Account Shares.

Our Process

Our Principal Consultant works closely with you on your marketing objectives and will provide best practice design of your B2B Loyalty Program.  This utilizes our agile, inGauge Loyalty platform to acquire, communicate and integrate valuable customer data.

The TIG team works diligently to ensure that your program provides real time customer insights enabling your brand to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace and cultivate Brand Ambassadors!

  • Referral feature with email from existing customer to prospective customer
  • Goal setting and measurement features
  • Customizable Participant Groups by position, geography, line of business, etc.
  • Personal Performance Statement
  • Quiz with point for correct answers, automatically graded
  • Survey with VOC insights
  • Rewards Catalog customer curated for your program from our endless collectionLive Reward HQ 800# answered in Your Company name
  • Turnkey 1099 issuance and 1096 form filing
B2B Customer Loyalty Programs

Measurable Results

  • Proven growth driver, increasing account share
  • Differentiation for new customer acquisition
  • Elevated retention rates, reducing customer churn
  • Referral feature making your customer base your new sales channel
  • Accelerator bonus offers and ongoing communication
  • Superior ROI provided along with business case model