SPIFF Program
Success Story


Arguably one of the most innovative industries in the world, the Automotive segment is constantly evolving and changing to reach new heights. Use of a SPIFF program in this industry is very effective because it can be used to engage your dealers and distributors and their sales reps to drive a significant increase in revenue. An effective Spiff program can exceed sales goals, gain brand recognition, increase engagement from independent sales reps and edge out competitors.

In just a month we helped one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers launch a brand new financial product. TIG’s inGauge platform is used for dealerships to enroll their sales reps and allocate incentives to them for their performance. This feature was customized to meet the specific needs of this program and enabled fulfillment of rewards directed at the Dealer Principal level. We also built a Brand  Dialogue with the F&I Managers by gaining access to them and deeply engaging them in the program. F&I Managers received roughly 80% of the program payout… forging the desired Brand Alliance, with the other 20% effectively engaging Dealer Principals.