Channel Incentive Program
Success Story

Reseller Sales Rep

By definition the Channel is invaluable because of their access to market and the multi-brand solutions they provide. The trick getting their Sales Reps to “Lead with your products”! Our Channel Incentive programs engage your user Dealers, Agents, Retailers, Contractors and Distributors, to drive significant revenue lift. An effective channel program will grow channel sales, increase channel productivity, earn channel mind-share and increase engagement.

For a Fortune 500 client of over 24 years we have continuously offered their Reseller Reps opportunities to earn points on sales of their electronic products. Our Loyalty Program has helped our client to maintain significant differentiation against competitors and win market share. The VP/GM describes it as “building fences around their customers”. This Enterprise Loyalty Program has included both the independent Dealer Channel as well as Distributor Sales Reps.