B2B Customer Loyalty Programs
for the Hospitality Industry

TIG offers a robust selection of program types, customizable to meet specific objectives. Each client we serve presents unique requirements, characteristics, goals, and challenges. With that in mind, every program or promotion we do is just as unique! There is a helpful, proactive culture at The Incentive Group as we are a full-service partner, ready to lead you to success!

While we specialize in B2B customer loyalty programs for Hospitality companies, we also provide employee engagement, sales and channel incentives as well as consumer loyalty programs. During the consultation, we listen closely to your goals to fine tune the approach that will best suit your needs. All program types are available in control group test format with A/B design, to demonstrate attribution and the superior results to be expected. Our approach is immensely scalable… from mid-size regional programs to national and global campaigns, TIG provides Turnkey services in the design, launch and management of each program.

  1. B2B Customer Loyalty
  2. Sales Incentives
  3. New Business Acquisition/Referral
  4. Channel Incentives
  5. Sales Contests
  6. Trade Sweepstakes
  7. Call Center
  8. E-Commerce Initiatives
  9. Reloadable Debit Cards
  10. Corporate Gifts
  1. Travel Incentives
  2. Rebate
  3. Spiff
  4. Certification Compliance
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Employee Recognition
  7. Safety and Wellness Programs
  8. Years of Service
  9. Consumer Loyalty
  10. Gift With Purchase

B2B Customer Rebates

Our B2B Customer Rebate programs include strategic design, ongoing management & administration, turnkey fulfillment, marketing and communications. These rebate programs can be used independently to engage your channel or end user customers, or synergistically with a B2B loyalty program. We collaborate with our Hospitality clients to determine the best means for delivery of the rebate whether it be reloadable prepaid card (both physical and digital available) or check. Optimizing the re-launch of a legacy rebate program utilizing our proven best practices provides smooth transition for customers while yielding great benefits for your business.

Program Design & Development

Each facet of our Hospitality loyalty and incentive programs from start to finish are carefully designed and implemented by our experienced account team members. We integrate proven best practices from 30 years of success in a wide variety of promotion types across many different industries.

During program development led by your Principal Consultant, you will be introduced to your Account Team at TIG. Your Account Manager will manage the project management schedule to keep Design & Development work on track to your targeted launch date.

The customization of the inGauge loyalty program platform for your program is executed in a modular format. This allows for development of multiple elements in parallel and easy implementation following.

At the start of the process, we’ll work with you to create and model your Business Case. This can be used to sell in the program with your leadership team and effectively articulate the ROI.

Ongoing Management & Administration of Hospitality B2B Programs

Every program is expertly led by a Principal Consultant and managed by an experienced Account Manager at TIG. Our objective is to eliminate any heavy lifting from clients, so the full weight of the program administration is squarely on our team. TIG implements ongoing communications strategies and provides recommendations for program enhancements with utilization of program features such as Quiz, Survey, Referral and Accelerator Bonuses.

Every month, we’ll lead a team call with you to review Key Performance Indicators and provide recommendations for optimization. You’ll find that our consultative and collaborative approach is in full support of your objectives and you can trust that we will proactively recommend techniques to drive success throughout the course of the program.


TIG provides a curated Rewards Collection, custom populated for each program. Compelling Travel and Merchandise rewards are sourced by our Reward Headquarters team, leveraging our purchasing volume across Fortune 500 accounts to yield competitive pricing and pass along the advantage to our clients. We offer full service reward fulfillment including shipping direct to the recipient. Our in-house team of Reward Headquarters staff supports the fulfillment process while providing delightful customer service to each participant.