Loyalty Programs Delivering
Business2Business in Lake Success NY

30 years of best practices as the leading B2B Loyalty Agency

Program Design

Consultative guidance in creating a successful loyalty program design with integration of proven best practices.


Expert Account Management to administer all elements of your program.


Custom reward collection for each program providing your customers with motivational rewards.


Engaging platform allowing your participants to track their progress towards a self selected goal.

Engaging by Design

While we specialize in B2B customer loyalty programs, we provide a robust selection of various types of programs, promotions, and contests.

Best in Class Platform

With the latest iteration of our inGauge platform, we’ve continued to produce a system that satisfies clients and participants alike

Results Driven

With a Pay for Performance program structure, reward costs are incurred only if and after the desired behavior occurs. The lift experienced provides significant ROI, with the loyalty program steering participants towards incremental activity. Anything that can be measured can be included in the Earnings Offer including: Cross Sell, Upsell, Referral, Churn Mitigation, Increased Spend, New Business Acquisition and a myriad of behavioral activities.

Full Service Partner

TIG provides comprehensive services around every aspect of loyalty program design, administration and fulfillment… from Turnkey Program development down to 1099 issuance! We eliminate the burden on our Lake Success NY customers by doing all the heavy lifting. Our Reward Headquarters team curates your custom catalog from an endless collection of brand name rewards and staffs 800# Customer Service answering as Your Company. Services also include Data Capture & Reporting, Quiz & Survey creation, Optimization through performance analysis, integration with your CRM and LMS platforms and fostering an all important Digital Dialog, yielding invaluable insights.

Contact us today for a complementary Business Case Model providing analysis of your program’s financial gains and articulation of superior ROI.